Look What YOU Did!


For 3 years now, the Friends of Franklin Foundation has been putting your generous donations to work in sustaining and enhancing STEAM learning at Franklin Elementary STEAM Magnet. Not only have we contracted with a part-time STEAM Resource Coordinator to support teachers and students, but we’ve funded dozens of teacher-based grant projects that expand young minds and encourage them to dream BIG!

Kindergarten Teacher, Mrs. Paredes said her new tools were “A dream come true … helping students develop blooming STEAM mindsets!”

Your generosity at work:

2018 – 2019

  • A part-time STEAM Resource Coordinator to plan and support student participation in STEAM-focused community events, competitions and fairs.
  • Early engineering and collaboration tools including three-dimensional structure building tools and Create-a-Path Magnetic centers.
  • Drama Club grants supporting set design and choreography.
  • Large classroom rug that reinforces growing-cycle curriculum.
  • Mailbox Organization system to support more effective communication with students’ families.

2017 – 2018

  • Reuben H. Fleet STEAM Experience Night interactive stations; Mystery Science Online Science Curriculum; Support of Franklin Safety Patrol

  • Shapes and colors activity carpets where kids gather and grasp new lessons.

  • “Explorations in Art” to help develop and express those creative abilities.

  • Some do learn best by standing so…. a stand up classroom desk.

  • A United Nations Sustainable Development Goals-inspired STEAM unit to study world issues and support tomorrow’s global citizens.

  • Books for a social justice library with peace-building literature.

  • Hands-on activity centers that reinforce principles of magnetism, geometry, mathematics and more!


    THANK YOU for your support!

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